Everyone Knows A Single Adult - FAQs of Single Adult Ministry - $17 plus mailing cost

Dennis Franck and Kris Swiatocho are experienced leaders, teachers, trainers and mentors in all areas of single adult ministry. They have been in the "ministry trenches" for decades and know the challenges and rewards of working with single and single-again adults.

Dennis and Kris have taught and worked extensively with leaders from many evangelical, Pentecostal, independent, and mainline churches and other religious and secular organizations. The fact they are well - received, and the networks they have formed, have equipped them to speak, train and coach volunteer and paid staff in the various components of ministry to, and with single adults.

Their years of experience and knowledge of relevant resources make them the leading voices in America today for single adults and single adult leaders.

—Don Munton, Singles Pastor, First Baptist, Houston, TX

Sample Questions:
Q: How do you avoid burn out as the director/pastor?
Q: How do you keep your leaders motivated to lead?
Q: What are the top 3 things you have done to develop leaders?
Q: What are some of the personal trends affecting single adult ministry today?
Q: What do you consider to be the Top 10 Critical Issues in Single Adult Ministry Today?

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Living Pure In An Impure World - $29 plus mailing cost (6 - Session DVD Series - Includes printable handouts and discussion questions)

Single adults of all ages have many questions regarding the diverse and complex issues of sexuality facing them today. If the Church does not provide biblical teaching and discussion opportunities on these issues from an unmarried perspective, where will they obtain information to guide their thinking and behavior? You know where!...Media, television, movies, the internet, music, non-Christian friends, etc. How much of this information is biblical or healthy?

Drawing from his 21 years as a single's pastor, and learning from the expertise of Dr. Richard Dobbins, Dr. Harold Ivan Smith and others, in a bold, frank, and passionate way, Dennis speaks to a live audience of all ages, and shares insights sure to help single adults model purity in an impure world.

  • Session 1: Why Teach about Sexuality?; Today's Sexual Philosophies (47 minutes)
  • Session 2: Reasons Single Adults are Having Pre-Marital Sex; Temptation - Succumbing or Overcoming (45 minutes)
  • Session 3: Hugging and Excessive Affection in Public; God Made You With a Body (45 minutes)
  • Session 4: Levels of Physical Involvement; How Far Can I Go?; Understanding STD's (50 minutes)
  • Session 5: The Issue of Masturbation (54 minutes)
  • Session 6: Sexuality & Your Identity; Determining Your Moral Principles; Managing Your Sex Drive (28 minutes)

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Reaching Single Adults - $17 plus mailing cost

Although 44 percent of all U. S. adults are single or single - again, most churches focus on marriage and families. As a result, they miss many opportunities to include single adults and benefit from the abilities and resources they have to offer.

Reaching Single Adults is a comprensive handbook on ministry to single adults of all ages and life experiences. You'll find in- depth guidance on all aspects of single adult ministry including:

  • Understanding the five types of single adults
  • Developing a biblical philosophy of ministry
  • Practical aspects of builidng a ministry
  • Recruiting, training and motivating leaders
  • Models of Ministry

Whether you're a pastor, ministry director or volunteer leader, Reaching Single Adults will guide your ministry to and for  single adults.

Readers will gain a wealth of information based on Franck's research and practical experience.

— Linda Hardin

National Single Adult Ministries Coordinator,

Church of the Nazarene

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Introduction to Single Adult Ministry – A Global University Course by Dennis Franck

  • A comprehensive look at ministry to/with single adults
  • A correspondence course taken at your own pace
  • Develop ministry skills

More info: (1-800) 443-1083

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Single Creek - 9 - Week Video Curriculum

The 2013 census bureau reports 45% of all adults in the U.,S are single. Single Creek is a documentary film about single adults with real issues at all stages of life. How does a "family and marriage-focused church" treat the single or single - again adult of all ages? More than 20 interviews include voices from never-married, divorced, widowed, and formerly gay single adults, plus interviews with well-known authors and speakers such as Dennis Franck, Wendy Widder, Terry Hershey and Randy Thomas on the topic of singleness and the Church.

Run Time: 57 minutes
Price: $29 plus mailing cost
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Developing a Single Adult Ministry

Developing a Single Adult Ministry Manual or CD (CD will print the manual and is not audio)

Developing a Single Adult Ministry is a practical, how-to manual with a compilation of samples, ideas, resources, training tools etc.

Manual OR CD Price: $10 plus mailing cost (248 pages)
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Single Parents/Savvy Partnering - Dating

35 topics, each with many questions for couples to discuss and rate themselves before engagement. 

Price: $10 plus mailing cost
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Single Parents/Savvy Partnering - Engagement

32 topics​, each​ with ​many ​questions for couples to discuss and rate themselves before marriage

Price: $10 plus mailing cost
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The Singles Network website.

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